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Kaosweaver Advanced Random Images

Displays a random image upon rendering the page or a refresh.  Allows for the image properties to be set and allows for the image to be a link.


Check my website for updates.


Type: Command
Product: Dreamweaver 3

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If you think that's "Absolutely Mind Numbing" check this out


You guys have it good,
your reviews don't get deleted.

Cool to be you guys.


Absolutely Mind Numbingly Easy to Use

After many hours wasted on trying to figure out how to display random images for the typeface logo on my page, I just happened upon this. being new to dreamweaver and not knowing what to do, I still managed to install this extension and have the random images up in literaly seconds after downloading.

a must have.

Kaosweaver Advanced Random Images

What a cool little feature! This saved me a ton of time THANK YOU
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