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Universal Data Exporter PHP Manual

“Meet the DMXzone Universal Data Exporter PHP. ”

Ever wanted to offer your data in various formats for download? Meet the DMXzone Universal Data Exporter.

Now, with just few clicks you can convert any recordset to Comma Separated, Excel or PDF file for download! It's all done on the fly and no coding is required what so ever

Table of contents

You can also read this manual in PDF format

Before you begin
Make sure to setup your site in Dreamweaver first before creating a page if you don’t know how to do that please read this.

The Basics

Installing the extension
Deploy the extension in four easy steps.

The Basics: Exporting an HTML table
Export your HTML table to multiple formats using the Universal Data Exporter PHP.


Advanced: Exporting an Ajax DataGrid to PDF
Export the contents of your Ajax DataGrid to PDF by using the Universal Data Exporter PHP Behavior.

Advanced: Exporting a Recordset
Export your recordset to multiple formats using the Universal Data Exporter PHP.

Advanced: Using Custom Fonts to Support Foreign Characters
Add additional characters to your exporter.

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