I know I have ASP.NET installed on the server but when I run Zip Processor 3, it doesn't detect that there is ASP.NET... it shows that there is no ASP.NET installed or that XMLHTTP is not found.


Zip Processor 3 uses a special web service to do the zip conversion in ASP.NET while still using classic ASP. The web service is located as file in /ScriptLibrary/FileZipService.asmx

You should check:

  1. Have you uploaded to file /ScriptLibrary/FileZipService.asmx to your live site?
  2. You should be able to run this file in your browser, so just enter its url and run it like:
  3. Make sure you have defined the root of your site as Web Application in IIS
  4. If ASP.NET is not running you will see just code display
  5. If ASP.NET is running but something is wrong with the configuration you will see an extended ASP.NET error.
  6. If you see a general ASP.NET error telling you that errors are disabled, make sure you have a web.config file in your site root and the following is in it:
<customErrors mode="Off"/>

If you have discovered an ASP.NET error, try fixing it first with your hosting provider. If you really can't solve it, post it in the Zip Processor 3 Support Forums