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Sliding Billboard Manual

“Organize your work greatly in a virtual book!”

Discover the power of interactive presentations – the Sliding Billboard ! Organize your work greatly in a virtual book, which autoscrolls and enables your users to slide from page to page or chapter to chapter naturally. You can present any type of work this way: your portfolio, photo albums, products index, web shop, ads and much more. Choose from the many cool CSS designs included, so your billboard always looks great and suites your site perfectly.

Table of contents

You can also read this manual in PDF format

Before you begin
Make sure to setup your site in Dreamweaver first before creating a page, if you don't know how to do this please read this

The Basics: Creating a simple Sliding Billboard
Deploy the extension in four easy steps

Advanced Usage

Advanced: Slides Layout
In this tutorial we will go through the options in the Advanced Sliding Billboard Tab.

Reference: Sliding BillboardDesigns
In this part we will show you all 13 stylish CSS Designs included in the extension.

Video Tutorials

Designing a Sliding Billboard
With this movie we will show you how to create a simple Billboard using DMXzone Sliding Billboard.

Creating Fantastic Billboard Slides and Open their Content in a Lightbox
With this movie we will show you how to combine Sliding Billboard and DMXzone Lightbox in order to create amazing slides which open links in cool popup windows.

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