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No rounded corners in IE8

“Where are the rounded corners in IE?”


Just trying Universal CSS Navigation Menu for the first time - I've tried two or three of the included styles so far but have noticed IE8 doesn't display the rounded corners - they display in Firefox ok.

Is there something else I need to do or is this normal?


Indeed there are no rounded corners in IE8 - this is because IE does not support the CSS3 standard.


We decided not to go for any hacks as those make the page really heavy, and just follow the standards.

The same is also valid for DMXzone itself - all our rounded corners are CSS3 only - so you won't have rounded corners in IE. It is not that bad.

Microsoft promise they will comply fully to CSS3 in IE9

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Rounded corners in IE6 - IE7 - IE8


A solution to support the box-radius in all major browsers exists here as an easy to include htc file in your classic css :