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Ajax Event Calendar

“Dynamic Agenda for all your Web Apps”

Display all your events, appointments, reservations or availability in a stylish event Calendar. Get your event data from many different sources such as own database or Google Calendars and show it all in a single calendar! Daily, Weekly, Monthly or full Year views are available to fully suite your needs. The Calendar is completely Ajax based so when navigating to the next or previous week/month it fully loads its data dynamically without refreshing the page! Choose from the 11 great looking CSS designs to style the calendar so it fully fit in your site design.


  • Customizable display of data - customize the display by Day/Month/Week/Year.

  • Time and date formatting - select the date and time to fit your location.

  • Multiple Language Support - the calendar can has translations for 10 languages included, so that the week day names and date formatting can always fit your country standards

  • Choose which view you would like - maybe you would like to show only monthly or yearly view? Not a problem every view can be switched off for the user.

  • Connect to existing Google Calendars - so you can aggregate many different sources of event data.

  • Full Support for PHP/MySQL and ASP/MS SQL Server for retrieving event data
  • Connect to your own database - retrieve automatically the event data from your own database, mySQL or MS SQL Server! You can even combine own database with other Google calendars and display it all in one Ajax Event Calendar!

  • jQuery Based - for the best cross browser support and smoothest animations.
  • Ajax based calendar - The calendar data is loaded fully on the fly, inline in the calendar! The page does not refresh when the user navigates to a different date. 
  • Automatic Calendar zoom - The Calendar will try to adjust the size of the content to the size of the calendar.

  • Animated transitions - set your animation appearance by duration time and easing.

  • Defining your own events - you can change the default types to your like, as well as select the background color, text color and border color.

  • An inline property inspector so that you can easily change visual options later on.

  • Full Support for the DMXzone Behavior Connector - Maybe you would like to show a popup or fill in a reservation form when the user clicks on a specific date? No problem at all - just use the build in DMXzone Behavior connector to bind calendar events to other Dreamweaver behaviors. You can easily bind other DMXzone extensions such as Advanced Tooltips, DMXzone Lightbox and Flash MP3 Player that can be controlled through the Behavior Connector.

  • Great Dreamweaver Integration - Interactive dialog in Dreamweaver with all the options you'll need.
  • 11 Stylish CSS Designs Included - Various styles to fit your web site perfectly. 

Apple Light

 Apple Dark

Brushed Metal


Dark Blue


Dark Green


Dark Red


Dark Black


DMXzone Inspired


Elegant Blue


Sony Inspired


Tabbed Blue


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Main Features Overview of Ajax Event Calendar
With this movie we will take a look at the main features packed in the Ajax Event Calendar.


Connect your Google Calendar Events with Ajax Event Calendar
With this movie we will take a look at the Advanced Settings of Ajax Event Calendar. Also, we will show you how to connect your Google Calendar Events with Ajax Event Calendar.


Advanced Features Overview and Database events
With this movie we will show the advanced features packed in the Ajax Event Calendar, as well as the database events settings.


Creating Dynamic Calendar from a Database using Ajax event Calendar
With this movie we will show you how to create a Dynamic Calendar that retrieves its events from a database.


Editing Ajax Event Calendar Events through Advanced Tooltips
with this movie we will show you how to edit your existing Ajax Event Calendar events using Advanced Tooltips.




Type: Behavior
License: External link
Product: Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CC
Server Model: ASP VBScript, PHP MySQL
Database: Access, SQL Server, MySQL
Platform: Win XP/2000/2003/2008/7, Mac OS X
Browser: Opera 9, IE 7, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 3, Chrome 9+, IE 8, Safari 4+, Opera 10+
Used Technologies: jQuery, Ajax, CSS, Web 2.0, JavaScript


Version. 1.1.0

  • Full Internet Explorer 11 compatibility
  • Improved Ajax data feeds to handle better JSON and JSONP
  • Included the latest jQuery 1.10.2

Update procedure:
Open the page with Ajax event calendar on it and select the calendar. Then click on edit calendar button on the inspector. If you have database events, choose edit for each one of them and just reapply it. When done, click OK and all the new files will be copied.

Version 1.0.6

  • Full Dreamweaver CC and Extension Manager CC support
  • Updated the automatic file copy and update component for better Dreamweaver CC support
  • Improved compatibility with the latest jQuery
  • Included latest jQuery 1.10.1
  • Improved Windows 8 compatibility

Version 1.0.5

  • Included Portuguese translation
  • Fixed day view selection in Dreamweaver
  • Improved Compatibility with the new DMXzone Calendar 2
  • Improved Dreamweaver integration

Version 1.0.4

  • Improved compatibility with newest jQuery 1.6+ versions
  • Included latest jQuery 1.6.3
  • Optimized source and files for smaller size
  • Improved automatic shared file copy, synchronization and upload from Dreamweaver
  • Improved working in Dreamweaver templates
  • Improved calendars with many event types

Version 1.0.3

  • Improved automatic shared file copy, synchronization and upload from Dreamweaver
  • Optimized source and files for smaller size
  • Allow the calendar to be used also without animations
  • Fixed legend position
  • jQuery 1.4.4 included

Version 1.0.2

  • Various speed improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Added line-height fix
  • Added date format
  • Improved Microsoft Access support
  • Improved automatic file include and updating

Version 1.0.1

  • Greatly optimized Google Calendar and other feeds for speed, ASP or PHP are no longer required!
  • Support for text direction for events (left to right or right to left)
  • Year view improvement: color the day in event color if  it is the only event for that day.
  • Legend event filtering improvement - now be done by turning each event type off / on with a checkbox.
  • New option to display event times as they are stored in the database / in your Google calendar with or without a correction for the user's time zone
  • Added support for private Google Calendars. It is no longer needed to make your Google calendar public.
  • Added support for DMXzone Calendar for navigation of the Ajax Event Calendar
  • For events in the month view, an option to display the start time has been added.
  • Greatly improved calendar display
  • Various bug fixes in calendar retrieval for ASP/PHP
  • Fixed brushed metal style header font.
  • Added new DMXzone Behavior Connector events specific for year view
  • Extended the Control Ajax Event Calendar behaviour with Go To date function
  • Fixed issues with date format settings.

Update Procedure

Open each page using the Ajax Event Calendar. You will see a progress bar indicating new files are being copied. After that a dialog will popup with the list of the new files. Depending on if you have remote site defined and you have site synchronization enabled, the files will be automatically synchronized or you will be presented with an option to upload all files.

Select the calendar and click on the “Edit Calendar” button in the property inspector. If you have defined Database Events, go those in the second tab and reapply them all by editing them, checking the properties and saving them again. When done click on the OK button of the main dialog and you will see alerts if more files are updated and need to be uploaded.

Make sure you do that for all pages that have the Ajax Event Calendar in them.
Save and upload your pages and you are done.

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Don't bother

I recently purchased this extention and found it to be very buggy! When engaged support they were not very helpful and in fact kept resolving my open issue even though I continued to have issues with this.  I have been a DMX Zone user for many years and rarely had issues. However with this experience I'm hesitant to purchase any further extensions. Very disappointed how this was handled!

Needs two servers?

The script looks nice but I was unable to get it to actually work. Tech Support seems to think it's beacuse I have my production server and testing server as one physical server or I'm setting it up wrong in Dreamweaver 5.5. Both maybe true, I don't know.

But since I have 132 sites on the server and am connecting via php to 115 mySQL databases for everything from ecommerce to dental chart audit system all written in PHP I hesitate to change my server configuration for a calendar script.

dmxZone still creates some great Dreamweaver extension in my opinion, but I think this one may need a little more attention or a wider lattitude in its connection criteria.


Some time ago I had a "passionate love affair" with the Interakt Calendar. It has been deeply missed since Adobe annihilated so many of the really nice Interakt products.

So I am happy to see this product entering the market.

However I would like to see more functionality. I would like to see this product more thightly integrated with solutions such as DMXZone calendar. I will definitely start using this product but still look forward to the next version.