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HTML5 Image Enhancer

Bring your images to another level with the HTML5 Image Enhancer. Create real-time animation effects, reflections, gradients, image filters and transition with only few clicks and without any Flash! Add customizable borders with rounded corners and gradient colors, shadows, and even switch filters on mouse over.

You don't have an HTML5 compatible browser like Internet Explorer? - don't worry we have made a special fall back method, that will use Flash on browsers that do not support the HTML5 Canvas element to achieve the same fantastic results!

- OR -
  • The HTML5 Image Enhancer is fully responsive - The images will scale depending on your browser resolution and available space!
  • Amazing Effects with Canvas and jQuery – No Flash required!

  • Give your image a cool Web 2.0 look with reflections – HTML5 Image Enhancer automatically generates amazing reflections.

  • Customizable Borders and Gradients - Add fantastic colorful borders with gradients to your images to get the perfect look.


  • Transition Animation – You can display the hoover effects with nice transition animation.

  • Switch image filters on mouse over with transition animation - You can also use drop shadow with different colors, size and blur effect.

  • Description - Give your users additional information about your images and can automatically slide in onMouseOver.

  • HTML5 Image Enhancer can be used on iDevices like iPad and iPhone - Take advantage of the build in hardware acceleration and give you the maximum performance and greatest experience.

  • You don't have an HTML5 compatible browser like Internet Explorer? - don't worry we have made a special fall back method, that will use Flash on browsers that do not support the HTML5 Canvas element to achieve the same fantastic results!
  • Apply to multiple images with Global CSS Selectors

  • Dynamic from Recordset - Set the site with a server type (PHP, ASP-VB, ASP-JS etc.) and create a database that will serve as a source for your images, width/height and text. Options for min. and max. width for optimal usage of responsive images.

  • Fully cross browser compatible - The HTML5 Image Enhancer  is a jQuery based, build only with HTML & CSS - no Flash what so ever! It even supports IE6 next to the other major browsers.

  • Search engine friendly – The HTML5 Image Enhancer is pure HTML and CSS based and generates search engine friendly HTML code that can be nicely indexed by all search engines and web spiders.

  • Great Dreamweaver Integration - Interactive dialog in Dreamweaver with all the options you’ll need.

  • An inline property inspector so that you can easily change visual options later on.

  • Full Support for the DMXzone Behavior Connector - You can easily bind other DMXzone extensions such as Sliding Billboard, DMXzone Lightbox and Sliding Panels that can be controlled through the Behavior Connector.


HTML5 Slideshow Video

HTML5 Image Enhancer Overview, presented by Brian Wood
The video is a feature overview of the HTML5 Image Enhancer extension, presented by Brian Wood.

Applying a nice Spin-in effect to HTML5 Slideshow
With this movie we will show you how to apply a nice Spin-in effect to HTML5 Slideshow using one of the Advanced CSS Animator predefined animation presets.

  • Using HTML5 Image Enhancer on Responsive Pages
  • Enhancing Sliding Billboard Images
    – Add amazing transition effects and description to your Sliding Billboard images
  • Building a Photography Website - Part 2
    – Building a Photography Website Combining 5 of our Finest DMXzone Extensions
  • Enhancing Spry Dataset Images using HTML5 Image Enhancer
    – Using the Global selector option within a Spry region
  • Showing Feed Genie ASP Thumbnails on Mouse Over
    – Combining Feed Genie ASP with HTML5 Image Enhancer for Fantastic Effects
  • Adding Nice Effects to Feed Genie ASP Thumbnails
    – Enhance your Feed Genie ASP Thumbnails with HTML5 image Enhancer
Type: Behavior
License: External link
Product: Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CC
Platform: Win XP/2000/2003/2008/7, Mac OS X
Browser: Safari 2.0, IE 7, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 9.5, Safari 3, Chrome 9+, IE 8, Safari 4+, iPad
Screen Shot: External link
Tags: HTML5, Image Enhancer, Dreamweaver, extension


Version 2.1.2

  • Improved compatibility with Dreamweaver CC 2015

Version 2.1.1

  • Included the latest jQuery 1.11.1
  • Improved for Dreamweaver CC 2014
  • Improved for DMXzone Extension Manager

Version 2.1.0

  • Improved HTML5 Image Enhancer responsiveness
  • Full support for DMXzone Bootstrap 3
  • Included latest jQuery 1.10.2

Version 2.0.2

  • Full Dreamweaver CC and Extension Manager CC support
  • Included new Behavior Connector with restyled UI and better Mac OSX Support
  • Updated the automatic file copy and update component for better Dreamweaver CC support
  • Improved compatibility with the latest jQuery
  • Included latest jQuery 1.10.1
  • Improved Windows 8 compatibility

Version 2.0.1

  • Improved integrations with other extensions like HTML5 Parallax Slider
  • Improved effects speed and responsiveness in IE
  • Improved IE Flash fallback for older IE versions
  • Improved embedding HTML5 Image Enhancer in various HTML containers with own backgrounds
  • Included updated jQuery to 1.8.3

Version 2.0.0

  • The HTML5 Image Enhancer is now fully responsive - The images will scale depending on your browser resolution and available space!
  • 4 new image filters included - Filters for saturation, brightness, contrast and gamma to give your images even greater effects!
  • New options for min. and max. width for optimal usage of responsive images
  • Responsive rounded corners - You can add percent value for responsive images
  • Improved design view in Dreamweaver for responsive images
  • Improved Dreamweaver UI and integration
  • Improved source file compression for smaller files and faster loading
  • Greatly optimized image filters performance! Now the filters are applied much faster to provide even greater user experience!
  • Improved installer for DW CS 5.5+ and Mac DW CS6

Version 1.0.6

  • Fixed incorrect sizes for flash object in Internet Explorer 8 and lower
  • Fixed missing font type name and align when used with global selectors
  • All options in Dreamweaver now generate valid JSON config
  • Optimized source code

Version 1.0.5

  • Improved compatibility with newest jQuery 1.6+ versions
  • Included latest jQuery 1.6.3
  • Optimized source and files for smaller size
  • Improved automatic shared file copy, synchronization and upload from Dreamweaver
  • Improved working in Dreamweaver templates

Version 1.0.4

  • Improved Dynamic Data input
  • Allow transparent colors in color pickers
  • Included new jQuery 1.4.4
  • Improved depended file includes

Version 1.0.3

  • New Full Spry support! Now you can have your HTML5 enhanced images in a dynamic Spry repeat regions!
  • Optimized image loading from local and external domains
  • Optimized image preloader

Version 1.0.2

  • Improved Flash control for IE. Now rendering images from different domains as well
  • Improved encoding when rendering images through Flash
  • Added possibility to apply image effects even on images from other domains

Version 1.0.1

  • Improvements with the behavior connector events
  • Descriptions and filters fully working in Flash (for the IE fallback)

Update Procedure:

Just open a page using the HTML5 Image Enhancer. You will see a progress bar indicating new files are being copied. After that a dialog will popup with the list of the new files. Depending on if you have remote site defined and you have site synchronization enabled, the files will be automatically synchronized or you will be presented an option to upload all files.

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