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Major Price Drop Off at DMXzone - All Extensions 50% Off!

“The Half Price for the Highest Product Quality!”

Have you ever thought about purchasing one of our fantastic Dreamweaver Extensions and Web Development Components but didn't put a hand on them? This is your moment, because we are offering an insane 50 % off discount on all our Premium Extensions, Bundles and Powerful Suites.

You can also take advantage of our new All Extensions Access Yearly Subscription!

The Story

Why this Major Adjustment?

  • As you might already noticed, Christmas came a bit earlier this year at the DMXzone Headquarter. It's time for a lifetime change and we've decided to focus more on supporting you - our loyal friends, by cutting the price huge - 50% Off.
  • We treasure your loyalty and the ability to push us to our limits, by providing us feedback and edge cutting cases that make the DMXzone Platform develop high-quality content and extensions.
  • We'll continue to provide our DMXzone Family with the best possible, but from now on, on a lower price. 

Questions and Answers

We've received many emails and questions on our Live support about these major changes. Check out the more detailed Blog post where we answer most of the questions.


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Upgrade Prices

Hello Ben!

The upgrade prices are also cut in half, so you can switch from ASP to PHP easily and of course cheaper.


Lubov Cholakova

What about upgrades?

Many of my extensions purchased were ASP extensions, but have found myself migrating towards using more PHP coding.  Will the cost for upgrading my ASP extensions to PHP also be cut in half?