DMXzone Price Change Huge Success

Last week we sent out a mailing to all our loyal users about the major permanent Price Drop Off and we can tell you that we have received unbelievable positive and supportive response. We appreciate this greatly and proves that the DMXzone Family is better then ever!

The Story

We Even Opened Eyes

The positive reactions from you are still floating in and that is motivating us further. There are even partners letting us know we have opened their eyes and going to do the same thing!

All these privileges meant so much that we are glad to help.

Some Amazing Supports

"That is a great support, and a remarkable attitude. Thank you very much, you're great."

"Thank you for the email, and the excellent offers. You are quite right about the difficult economic times. I too have made changes due to economics, I have changed to open source software to develop my clients web projects, and no longer use Dreamweaver or indeed an Adobe products. I would love to see more extensions etc written for product like Quanta plus, any chance.
Thanks for listening."

"Brilliant stuff - thanks George!
It also makes me get off my arse and restart many of the projects I'd abandoned!
Thanks again."

Excellent news George, thanks for the permanent discount!"

"That's fantastic!"

"Wow, that's generous of you.  Thank you George."

"Great news indeed. I suppose I should have waited to buy extensions from DMXzone. 50% off is worth waiting for. Best wishes"

"I'm very happy to hear this, because DMXZone prices kept me away from purchasing other extensions after the firsts I bought (the Pure ASP Upload was my very first purchased extension, I still had not a credit card! and I often went through competitors with lower prices
I'm so happy of the price cut that yesterday I purchased four PHP extensions."

"Great to hear about your generous offer. This will help a lot in this weak economic times."

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