Uniting Feed Genie ASP And Feed Genie PHP
Not so long time ago we released Feed Genie ASP and this week we were supposed to bring you the PHP version. Instead, we've decided to offer you something much bigger! Just Feed Genie, both the ASP and the PHP will be packed together in a single extension, so you can use all the awesome features in your own needful way.
The Story

Additionally all the available videos and demos that can be found on the Feed Genie product page as well as in the Premium Content are applicable for ASP and PHP.

For all the users that already have the Feed Genie ASP, all you need to do is to uninstall your ASP version and download the new one - completely free, so you can use it also on a PHP platform.

The new version of the Feed Genie will be available for purchase/update tomorrow, so stay tuned!

YouTube Feeds Demo

The demo uses YouTube - Video Search feed, which is one of the many feeds supplied in the Feed Genie extension. It also features a DMXzone Paginator PHP that allows you to navigate through the result pages.

Feed Genie YouTube Demo

Feed Genie
Interactivity – Get your favorite feeds as Data Sources!
DMXzone Paginator PHP
Databases – Add the coolest page navigation to your site and make browsing through large lists of items or tables easy and quick.

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