DMXzone Paginator PHP Finds More Ways

Today, along with the Feed Genie release, we have many other great stuff and one of it is an updated version ot the DMXzone Paginator PHP. It has been optimized to work with Feed Genie so you can create multiple pages containing your favorite feeds and even open the full sizes images within DMXzone Lightbox.

The Story

DMXzone Paginator PHP Showcase

Add the coolest page navigation to your site and make browsing through large lists of items or tables easy and quick. Choose from different styles, used by many sites such as Digg, Yahoo, Flickr and much more, to fit perfectly with your design and display the total number of items.
All paging styles are fully CSS based, so you can always fine tune the colors and borders to your site design.

  • Add cool page navigation, choosing from predefined styles
  • Create page navigation based on the leading sites as Digg, Yahoo and Flickr

  • All styles are CSS based so you can always fine tune them to meet your needs
  • Choose from many options such as which navigation buttons you want, how many page links, etc
  • Fully translatable into any language
  • Great integration in Dreamweaver as a Server Behavior
  • Preview in Dreamweaver design mode - so you can see where and how the navigation will be displayed

  • No coding by hand whatsoever - just click and use!
  • Fully integrated with Dreamweaver Recordset and Repeat Region
  • Fully compatible with Recordset sorting and filtering - when you filter or sort your recordset on the fly, the DMXzone Paginator will automatically comply and hand over the sorting and filter parameters!

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