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Hand Cursor with JavaScript


How can i make the user aware of a button (OnClick Event) when there is now link (HREF) attached ?


Use a CSS style with a OnMouseOver event.

Create the following style in your document or CSS:

<style type="text/css">
.cursor {  cursor: hand}

Attach it to the OnClick Event:



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RE: Prevent default page number - url while pritning

I found the solution. Actually, it is in the Page Setup dialog - header and footer options.

Prevent default page number - url while pritning

How can I prevent the page number and url being printed by default along with the web page content? I do not see these as options on my printer dialog box either.

Thanks for the help,

Nagu Rentala

RE: Custom hand cursor

Point to the URL where the custom cursor is located. Something like this:


This will probably only work where this class is defined in your page (hyperlinks) and not outside.

Very usefull!!

The tutorial is well explained, although it would have been even better if there were an example for newbie users, like me... Yhank you anyway, I managed to put it at work...doesn't work with Safari on MacOSX
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