Which Dreamweaver User Are You?

To provide the best products, DMXzone wants to know what kind of Dreamweaver user are you. This way we can focus on the important things, which make the Dreamweaver Extensions, Web Components and Premium Content waterproof, and only provide what's needed.

The Story

What Are You?

Are you a content Editor, a creative Designer, a hardcore Developer or maybe a little bit of all? That is what we would like to know. With this information we can aim on specific core points which provides superb products.

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The Big Three

  • Editor
    The Editor selects and prepares the articles, images, sound and video for the website. Processes correction, condensation and organization are the specialties, which need creative skills, human relations and a precise set of methods.

  • Designer
    A Designer focuses on the graphical elements of the site, essentially those controlled by the CSS files and more. They generally don't get their hands dirty on any code, except for HTML and CSS
  • Developer
    A programmer essentially can handle all code aspects of the site, but they don't deal with graphics or design departments. He/she transforms the requirements of end-users and internal clients into a functional product.

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