What You Missed This Week?
You already know, today it's Black Friday, a lot of discount benefits are open till the end of the day. But we also have other stunning news this week, where you should be aware of. Again we created a helpful summary that brings you the coolest, the finest and the best week features.
The Story

DMXzone Announcements

  • Which Dreamweaver User Are You? - We want to know what kind of Dreamweaver you are. An artistic webdesigner with no attention for programming or a smart developer who develops his own scripts or redevelop others. Feel free to give your answer in the Poll.

Dreamweaver Extensions

  • Universal Data Exporter ASP/PHP - Great improvements are brought to the Data Exporters. Converting HTML tables or recordsets where never easier to use till now.

Dreamweaver Template

Mini-review & Competition

  • Learn to Cheat in Photoshop CS5 - A stunning review brought to you by Steve Caplin's book which provide you all the easter eggs of Adobe's Photoshop CS5. The book can be won if you take part of the competition.

Upcoming Stuff

  • 960 Grid System update 1.0.2
  • Design: Getting Back to the Grid by Linda Goin
  • Learn to Cheat in Photoshop CS5 Book Winners


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