HTML5 MP3 Player Coming Very Soon
Our newest addition to the HTML5 family - the HTML5 MP3 Player is on its way and we can't wait to show you some awesomeness! It loads very fast and is very easy to handle, which proves that is really simple to be implemented on a website and even on iPad/iPhone.
The Story

Awesome integration with your site:

  • Turn any mp3 link into a player automatically
  • Point any button or link as control button
  • Choose any div container to display title or progress
  • Add mp3 player actions on anything - Just style the elements with the given CSS classes
  • Choose from the many included MP3 Player skins - All made in regular CSS so you can edit or create our own.
  • Powered by jQuery and SoundManager2 - For seamless crossbrowser integration and great HTML5 sound support.


 HTML5 Mp3 Player Skins

It even runs on iPad/iPhone

Thanks to the HTML5 kernel, we guarantee full iPad/iPhone compatibility and with the fall back functionality for browsers that don't support it.

The HTML5 MP3 Player comes with stunning and superb ergonomic skins, which are editable through the CSS and can be customized to fit you website design. The sounds in the browser load fast thanks to the jQuery technology.

Coming Very Soon!

At the moment our developers are busy with a last look on the extension, so stay tuned for more coming tomorrow. We have prepared a demo, which will show you the hidden powers of HTML5 MP3 Player!

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