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Join Our Christmas Sale Wish List

“Send us an e-mail with the desired discount until 24th December”

In addition to the Make a Christmas Wish! announcement, we would like to remind you that you can still tell us your wishes for the Christmas Sale! Many requests already have passed and that was just a small preview of what's coming up next. More discounts are coming your way every day but we enjoy if our users inspire us with amazing thoughts.

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How to Get a Discount?

All you need to do is to drop us an e-mail with the product ( extension, bundle or e-book) that you wish to see on sale. Especially this holiday season, we are really generous and agree with any of your creative and responsible requests.

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DMXzone Santa

Hello Chris! I'm the one receiving the wishes through email and until this point I don't have an email from you. The list contains over 20+ people that already received their discounts as you notice the extensions that changed on the sidebar every 24 hours. Please, send an email again(lubov at, we do not make any scams with our users.

Christmas wish list

I sent through my wish list a while back but have heard nothing since. It's not some sort of scam is it?