What You Missed This Week?
The first week of the holiday season is at its end! We continue to deliver great new extensions and content as well as presents everyday for each one of you. Therefore, look at the cool stuff we brought you this week.
The Story

DMXzone Announcements

Dreamweaver Extensions

New Premium Content

Mini-review & Competition

  • What We Read This Week - Dreamweaver CS5 on Demand - Pearson provided Dreamweaver CS5 on Demand, which answers every question step by step and gives practical tasks with easy-to-follow instructions. The review will be available next week and there is even a competition attached to it.

Upcoming Stuff

  • Mini-review & Competition: Dreamweaver CS5 on Demand
  • Two new extension bundles empowering unknown combinations
  • Dreamweaver Extensions with updated features

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