HTML5 MP3 Player Sounds Better than Ever!

Along with the release of two completely new MP3 Player Bundles, we improved the HTML5 MP3 Player to version 1.0.1. With this newest version you can bind your custom controls easier and quicker through the behavior connector. Also with a single click now you'll be able to include songs or dynamically. Check out the full list of improvements and update your MP3 player!

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What's New In HTML5 MP3 Player 1.0.1

  • New controls to display sound peak data!
  • New control to show just play/pause button
  • New control for vertical sound bar
  • Improved working with dynamic data
  • Added more validation to the command dialog
  • Control Behavior Improvements

New Video

Creating a Dynamic HTML5 MP3 Player
With this movie we will show you how to create an HTML5 MP3 Player that retrieves its songs from a database, using a Standard Dreamweaver Recordset.
HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-On
Productivity – Create the Perfect Ambiance with Amazing Music Visualizations

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