Smartphone Reviews are Coming this Year
To celebrate the beginning of the new year we decided to unveil some of the great stuff that will bring to you starting with some reviews of the latest hi-tech smartphones and tablets. We managed to partner with the market-leading manufacturers and our reviewers can’t wait to give you the detailed specifications of the latest mobile products.
The Story

Why do we review smartphones and tablets?

We already have many iPhone/iPad compatible Dreamweaver extensions and we are willing to run on as many as possible phones and tablets so you can create stunning mobile website in minutes! Along with that we will provide you the latest features and advanced computing abilities that those products are offering.

The First Model to Review

The first smartphone will be the BlackBerry Torch 9800 slide phone. Packed with full-featured music player, a large multi-touch screen, 5MP camera and many more goodies, this phone is the most advanced Blackberry yet! Stay tuned for the full review coming soon to get the details.

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