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All Universal CSS Transforms Free Extensions Performing Better than Ever

“Improved Next Generation Web Effects!”

Meet the optimized and improved free Universal CSS Transforms extensions. Translate, Flip, Scale, Rotate and Skew are updated with optimized support for all IE browsers including IE9, jQuery 1.4+ compatibility and working with Dreamweaver Templates.

The Story

What's New?

  • Optimized CSS Transforms in all IE browsers
  • Special support for IE9 and its own CSS Transforms support
  • jQuery 1.4+ compatibility
  • Improved shared file copy and link process
  • Improved compatibility with Dreamweaver Templates


Got bored of your flat web pages and want some cool 3D effects?  Meet the Universal CSS Transforms: Translate, Flip, Scale, Rotate and Skew! All with just CSS and jQuery - fully cross browser compatible! You can create stunning animation effects without any Flash!

All CSS Transforms

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