Updating Your Extensions Will be Soon Easier than Ever
Our developers are working on a new version of the DMXzone Updater, which will be ready for download next week. The completely free Updater keeps all you Dreamweaver Extensions up-to-date easily within the Dreamweaver! You'll save precious time and that was what many users asked for, so we are proud to deliver a solution soon.
The Story

dmxzone updater preview

Let the Magic Happen 

User-friendly and usability are going to be the two main features in update. The DMXzone Updater will be full automated so all existing DMXzone extensions will be downloaded, updated and installed, in one single click. On the bottom of the DMXzone Updater's interface you'll see the 'Download & Update All'-button which will let you make the magic happen.

Only for CS4 and CS5

These improvements will have effect on Dreamweaver versions CS4+. Lower versions users will need to stick to the old procedure.

With this newest DMXzone Updater, updating your extensions will feel like a breeze, so stay tuned to get more information about this huge update.

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