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Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 11, Now Including “Do Not Track” Capabilities

“The next major version of the browser”

The latest Firefox 4 Beta 11 is now available to download and test. Mozilla continued their work to improve performance and stability, while also implementing a “Do Not Track” privacy feature to provide more control over online behavioral tracking.

Firefox Beta 11

Do Not Track

The Web is evolving quickly and so are the ways that your data is collected, shared and stored. With the integration of the “Do Not Track” option into Firefox 4 Beta 11, you can now check a “Do Not Track” box in the “Advanced” screen of Firefox’s Options. When this option is selected, a header will be sent signaling to websites that you wish to opt-out of online behavioral tracking.  You will not notice any difference in your browsing experience until sites and advertisers start responding to the header.

Just download the beta and see it for yourself.

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