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PHP File Upload In Seconds

“Upload in clicks and seconds”

PHP File Upload 2 is improved to work with all the previous versions of the uploader! It's easy uploading files via a form and saving the rest of the fields in the database with the full support for PHP5. This one-click upload solution provides the best service in a few seconds without any needed coding.

The Story

Party Flyer Demo

In this demo we will show you how to upload your own songs with PHP File Upload 2 and play them in the beautifully HTML5 MP3 Player. When you click the Upload a Song-button, a window (DMXzone Lightbox) pops up which lets you select the mp3 file to upload. The player already has three songs included, these are generated from a File Genie PHP list.

What's New in Pure PHP Upload 2.1.12

Upload multiple file with PHP File Upload 2 and add their file names in the database.

HTML5 Slideshow
  • Improved compatibility with old version of Pure PHP Upload


HTML5 MP3 Player Showcase

In this showcase you can upload your song with the help of Pure PHP Upload 2 and listen to it in our HTML5 MP3 Player. When clicked on Upload a Song, a Lightbox window pops up, where you can select your mp3 file. We also supplied the player with 3 songs, which play directly from a File Genie PHP list.


HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-On
Create the Perfect Ambiance with Amazing Music Visualizations
HTML5 MP3 Player
Make your website sound amazing!
Advanced HTML Editor 3
Meet the future of Content Editing
File Genie PHP
Create web pages containing lists of files from your server folders
Advanced Multi Uploader
Full file management and multiple secure uploads in just a few clicks!
Pure PHP Upload Add-On Pack
A bundle of high quality extensions to be used together with Pure PHP Upload 2.
Pure PHP Upload 2
One click upload file to the server. Do a PHP File Upload in seconds!

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