Create A Beautiful Ajax DataGrid In Minutes

With the amazing updated Ajax DataGrid extension you can create beautiful Ajax Grids in Dreamweaver. It allows you to select out one of the many table formatting options to fit the Grid perfectly in your site. The grid loads extremely fast due to Ajax technology that only loads the displayed data.

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The Story

Old Cars Collection Demo

Check out the LIVE demo of a basic Ajax Grid:

Old Cars Collection Demo

What's New in Ajax DataGrid 1.0.7

  • New automatic dependent file updater
  • Included new jQuery 1.4.4
  • Improved depended file includes
  • Improvements with the behavior connector events
  • Improved working in Dreamweaver templates
  • Various UI bugfixes and improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused the column's "sortable" checkbox to be always displayed as checked
  • Optimized reading of the value of the combo-control for custom formats. This fixes the bug that prevents the user from adding custom formatting functions.
Ajax DataGrid
Databases – Create a great looking, interactive Ajax Grid in Dreamweaver within minutes.

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