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Firefox 4 Set For Potential Final Release on March 22

“Firefox 4 RC1 received a very warm welcome”
Mozilla has been hard at work on the next version of Firefox for some time now. It was pushed back before, and now barring any further delays we’ll see the next version of the browser early next week. If everything goes according to plan Mozilla will launch the final version of Firefox 4 on March 22. The final version would be like the recently released RC1 version which “received a very warm welcome” according to Damon Sicore of Mozilla.

Mozilla Dev Planning 

Firefox 4 Final Release

If the company doesn’t decide to push RC1 forward as Firefox 4 final, we’ll see RC 2 soon and another release date. We should be hearing about the decision soon.

Firefox 4 brings a new UI to the browser along with significant improvements. Under the hood there’s better HTML5 support, WebGL and hardware acceleration. For users there’s the addition of tabs on the top of the window, app tabs and the excellent Firefox Panorama (first shown off as TabCandy).

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