Image Gallery Add-on Coming Next Week!

Our developers are working hard on a new add-on for the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and you'll be surprised from the upcoming fully manageable Image Gallery Add-on! It fits perfectly into the HTML editor and contains innovative features such as: Drag-and-Drop support, different types of paging and seamless integration with the Pure PHP 2/ASP Upload 3 and Smart Image Processor PHP/ASP 2 for even better file handling.

The Story

Features in Detail

  • Great Advanced HTML Editor 3 Integration - The Image Gallery AddOn is fully integrated into the Advanced HTML Editor 3, with the same beautiful style.

  • Multiple or Single Drag-and-Drop support (Only in Firefox and Chrome) - Drag one or many images from you personal folders and drop to upload them automatically into the Gallery.

  • Customizable Gallery  - Specify your default thumbnail size and choose from different types of pagination - numeric or bullets.

  • Fully Manageable - You can allow the user to manage the images - add and remove pictures.

  • Seamless integration with other Extensions - Works great with Pure PHP 2/ASP Upload 3 and Smart Image Processor PHP/ASP 2 for rich image upload and resize.

  • Fully integrated in the editor style and skin - The skin of the Image Gallery Add-on always matches the selected editor skin.

  • Magnifying Glass - Dynamically magnify your images for better detail preview.

  • Multiple Image Selection - CTRL+click allows you to select multiple images and insert them in the editor at once or delete them from the gallery.
  • Image Info Tooltips - Display more detailed image information about image name and size.

  • Search Filter - Define search criteria and provide more efficient and effective way to find your pictures.

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