Ajax Event Calendar Updated

Our completely Ajax based Event Calendar is updated with brand-new features! Improved synchronization, optimized source & files and more customization opportunities. Connect your Ajax Event Calendar to existing Google Calendars, connect it to your own database or even combine them both! It now includes jQuery 1.4.4 for the best cross browser support and smoothest usability.

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What's New in Ajax Event Calendar 1.0.3

Display all your events, appointments, reservations or availability in a stylish event Calendar. Get your event data from many different sources such as own database or Google Calendars and show it all in a single calendar!

  • Improved automatic shared file copy, synchronization and upload from Dreamweaver
  • Optimized source and files for smaller size
  • Allow the calendar to be used also without animations
  • Fixed legend position
  • jQuery 1.4.4 included

Ajax Event Calendar Demo

The demo shows the basic usage of the Ajax Event Calendar in a Web Application for Online Reservation or Event Systems.

Bali Guest House Reservations 

Ajax Event Calendar
Interactivity – Dynamic Agenda for all your Web Apps

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