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Get the Best Support from DMXzone
May 4, 2011 by Lubov Cholakova

3 Easy Ways to Get Support:

In order to get technical, customer or any kind of support you can use the following support channels (9 a.m till 6 p.m European Time GMT+2):

  • DMXzone Live Support - Right at the bottom of DMXzone you'll find a button that indicates the Live Support. If it's online, you can just start chatting with us. In case the Live Support is offline you can leave a message and we'll respond back via email.
  • Support Forums - Each DMXzone extension has its own support forum that can be found on the product page. We have divided each product forum into 3 - Bugs, General and Request Features. Once you post your issue, suggestion or request a Technical support specialist will answer in the very same forum.
  • E-mail Support - If you prefer using an email in order to get support, here are the people that you can contact at any time.

    • Teodor Kuduschiev & Miroslav Zografski - Technical support - support(at)
    • Lubov Cholakova - Sales Support & Marketing - lubov(at); sales(at)

DOs & DON'Ts when requesting Support:

In order to get the best support as quick as possible it's highly recommended that you provide more information about the issue. It's common thing that we receive emails and forum post with a single "It doesn't work", which help us in no way to solve the problem. What really important is that you file a bug report, which will make it easier to reproduce the issue and fix it quickly.

Things to do before requesting support:

  • Extension manual - Every commercial DMXzone extension comes with a manual that can be read or downloaded from Articles/Extension Manuals. A direct link to the manual is also placed on the right sidebar of each extension product page. The manual contains the features included in the extension, basic and advanced usage as well as links to the available video tutorials.

  • Videos - For each extensions we create video tutorials that feature the features overview, basic usage, combination with other DMXzone extensions, etc. If you don't know how to set up your extension, please watch them. All videos can be found in the Videos section, or in the Videos tab on product page.
  • Check FAQ - For most of the DMXzone extensions we filled out Frequently Asked Questions, where you can find answers to the most common questions.

Things to do when requesting support:

DMXzone developers have created over 100 high-quality extensions for Dreamweaver through the years and to fix a bug/issue we advise you to follow these steps when you request support:

  • Extensions name - It's very common that we need to guess, which extension you're talking about and it's very useful for our tech professionals to know that.
  • Extension's version number - It's is possible that you use an older version containing a bug that has already been fixed in a more recent version.
  • Browser version - Some of the DMXzone extensions work only on modern browsers, which can be seen in the Requirements tab on the product page.
  • OS and Dreamweaver version - In order to reproduce your issue you need to provide the OS and the DW version you have installed the extension on.
  • Screenshots - It's extremely useful if you have screenshot of the error or the issue that you want to request a support for.
  • Steps to reproduce - The easiest way to solve your problem is if you can explain in step-by-step how you get the error/issue. Our specialist will need less time and will fix it more effectively.
  • Test Page - You can also give us a link to your test page so we can see the problem "in action".

Lubov Cholakova

Lubov CholakovaLubov has been with DMXzone for almost 8 years now, contributing to the Content and Sales departments. She is bringing high quality content in the form of daily blog updates, reviews, tutorials, news, newsletters,update emails and extensions' manuals. If you have a product that needs publicity or any other questions about the entire DMXzone community, she is the one you can contact.

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