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TweetDeck Has Been Acquired By Twitter

“TweetDeck becoming part of the official platform”

TweetDeck has been acquired by Twitter. Both completed the deal and are now in the process of "joining the flock". The past three years have been an epic journey, with many highs and lows, accompanied by the constant thrill of never really knowing what to expect next.


What is the reason why Twitter acquired TweetDeck?

TweetDeck has grown from one team member and a single user, to a team of fifteen and a user-base of millions. The reason for this growth is simple - their unwavering focus on providing high-quality tools and services for the Twitter-centric power-user. This has always been the core audience - the most active, influential and valuable users of Twitter and social media in general. Quality over quantity.

It is precisely for this reason that Twitter has acquired TweetDeck. The mainstream Twitter user-base is well catered for by and the official mobile clients. And by becoming part of the official platform, TweetDeck will now fill that role for brands, influencers, the highly active and anyone that just needs "more power".

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