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Microsoft Releases Android to Windows Phone Porting Tool

“The API Mapping tool is open for feedback”

Microsoft has released an Android to Windows Phone API mapping tool for developers which will help developers port existing Android applications to the Windows Phone platform. Like its iPhone counterpart, the tool doesn't actually port your code for you automatically. Instead, what it provides is a list of API mappings that acts like a translation dictionary from one platform to the next.


Android to Windows Phone API mapping tool

The new tool, available here for free, is a part of a new package aimed at Android developers looking to extend their apps to other platforms. Also included is a "Windows Phone 7 Guide for Android Application Developers" white paper which contains 90+ pages of information to help you learn Windows Phone.

As before, Microsoft reminds developers that not all API's can be mapped because the platforms have different architectures and user interfaces. But to aid developers in the transition, it has hired an "App Guy" who will crawl developer forums, aggregating discussions from different locations to answer questions related to porting from iOS or Android to Windows Phone.

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