What We Read This Week: Beginning Smartphone Web Development

By the end of Beginning Smartphone Web Developent from Apress, you'll have the training, tools, and techniques for creating robust mobile web experiences on a wide array of platforms for your favorite smartphone or other mobile device. Stay tuned for the full review and competition next week!

The Story

About the Authors

Gail Frederick

Gail Rahn Frederick is an expert web developer and software architect in the mobile industry. Her products target 500+ device models and have been deployed at 10+ mobile operators in North America and Europe. She advocates standards-based mobile development techniques as a blogger and conference presenter.

Rajesh Lal

Rajesh Lal is an author, designer, developer, and technology evangelist working at Nokia in Mountain View, California. Rajesh has been involved in mobile user interface/user experience design for past five years and has hands-on experience with a variety of Mobile devices, namely Sony Mylo, Window's Mobile, Apple's iPhone, Nokia S60, and Maemo devices.

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