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Limit the Address Search in Google Maps with Ajax AutoComplete New Feature

“Ajax AutoComplete and Google Maps Directions Add-on improved and with new features”

Due to the many requests we received we pumped up the Ajax AutoComplete extension, which now allows you to limit the address search to a specific region or country in your Google Maps Directions. Also in the Google Maps Directions Add-on we've added end address field to make it easier the adding of from/to directions, which are now possible with two Ajax AutoComplete fields. These and more features and improvements you can explore below in the What's new lists.

The Ajax AutoComplete and its bundles are now available with permanently cut prices!

The Story

What's New in Ajax AutoComplete 1.0.8:

  • New region limitation options to allow you to limit the address search to specific region/country
  • New language option to allow you to choose the Google Maps and AutoComplete language
  • Improved draggable route markers - after dragging the marker and new route is calculated the location is updated in the binded from/to Ajax AutoComplete fields.

What's New in Google Maps Directions Add-on 1.0.1:

  • Improved directions calculation when single marker is used
  • Improved integration with Ajax AutoComplete
  • Improved JavaScript including on Mac OSX


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