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Google Promises to Speed Up Website Load Times

“Easy and safe”

Google has taken steps to speed up website loading times before, but its new method is different. Google calls it Page Speed Service and it’s open to any webmaster that wants to give it a try. Google’s methods for speeding up the webpages are a bit sketchy though.


Google Promises to Speed Up Website Load Times

Google needs webmasters to direct their site’s DNS entry to Google. Google will then take information from the webmaster’s servers, perform some web magic on them and re-release that information from Google’s servers. Google says page loads will be 25-60% faster.

Google makes the whole process sound easy and safe. But there are still some questions that haven’t been addressed. Some commenters on Google’s blog post ask what happens if Google’s servers were to go down. There are also concerns regarding Google’s ability to somehow acquire private user information using this method.

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