Put Your Café on the Map Template

We have a new and free Dreamweaver Template which is a café website with a beautiful sliding billboard of dishes. Your visitors can find the café in no time, thanks to the popping up Google Maps. The combination of Sliding Billboard, DMXzone Google Maps and DMXzone Lightbox is perfect for everyone who want to think of website for a café, restaurant, shop, club, just name it.

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Café Paris Template


Extensions Usage

  • Sliding Billboard - Present anything, like photos, products, sales with 13 cool CSS designs to choose from.
  • DMXzone Google Maps - Add (custom) markers and info windows to your Google Maps dynamically! Choose your addresses or Geo locations from and recordset or other data sources such as Feed Genie.

  • DMXzone Lightbox - Open up your beautiful photos, web pages or Google Map for instance in a nice modal stylish popup.

DMXzone Lightbox
Interactivity – Great looking photos in a modal stylish popup
DMXzone Google Maps
Design – Empower full featured Google Maps in Dreamweaver!

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