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Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.0

“Elegant HTML5-based user interface library for the jQuery community”

JQuery Mobile 1.0 was finally released. The framework is supported by almost all of the popular mobile devices, tablets, e-readers and even desktop platforms. Any of this devices can access the content and functionality of a jQuery Mobile site fast thanks to the HTML5 and the responsive design techniques.


This broad compatibility gives you the ability to reach many billions of people. Equally as important, the crew behind it set out to make this framework easy for developers to get up and running fast, with a minimal learning curve. Less technical folks can configure the framework with just HTML markup, but the jQuery project maintain the full power of jQuery and a robust event and plugin system under the hood for developers who want to deeply extend the framework. By using tools like PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile code can be transformed into apps to be distributed through all popular app stores. A rich ecosystem of developer tools and frameworks make jQuery Mobile even more powerful, offering everything from MVC frameworks to Dreamweaver integration. JQuery Mobile 1.0 supports jQuery core 1.6.4 only.

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