DMXzone reCAPTCHA Features in Detail

CAPTCHA is the best way to protect your website from computer generated abuse and spam. In today's blog post we will show you how to add CAPTCHA's to any form in Dreamweaver with our upcoming DMXzone reCAPTCHA extension. With couple of clicks you can keep safe your blog posts, registration forms, online polls from search engine bots, worms and spam.

The Story
  • Easy to get reCAPTCHA key - Just call the DMXzone reCAPTCHA extension, enter your keys, choose your design and all the needed code is automatically generated for you!


  • 9 different languages to choose from - You can choose between 9 different languages to display the CAPTCHA text in it.


  • Easily accessible  - DMXzone reCAPTCHA has an audio test that allows blind people to freely navigate your site.
  • Full support for ASP & PHP server models
  • 4 Skins available - Select on of the 4 different skins available to fit your website design. Make sure that they can not be customized and edited through the CSS.


    • Red skin


    • White Skin


    • Blackglass skin


    • Clean skin



  • Great Dreamweaver integration - Interactive dialog in Dreamweaver with all the options you'll need.

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