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Facebook Fan Page on its Way!

“Design and empower your Facebook Fan Pages with Dreamweaver”

In the last couple of years Facebook has become a great advertising place for any business and to be able to compete you need an awesome custom design Facebook Fan page in order to draw attention to you. DMXzone developers team has been working on a new extension that will make your life easier so you can add any PHP/ASP page you've created in Dreamweaver to your Facebook page. With the Facebook Fan Page you can also create different designs for fans and no fans of the page, which you can test locally before uploading to Facebook.

The Story

Facebook Fan Page User Interface

From the friendly User Interface, it's extremely easy to set up your Facebook Fan page to be tested locally while designed. Once you're done, you can add your App ID/API Key and App Secret that you have from Facebook and make it live for your users.


Facebook Fan Page Server Behaviors

If you decide to create one page for two different audiences(your page fans and not your page fans), you are able to set regions so you can manage your content to be visible to who.


*Stay tuned for the Features in Detail coming soon!

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