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Using Facebook Fan Page

“Learn the features in the extensions and how to create a fan page”

With this movie we will show you how to use Facebook Fan Page and set up a default Landing Tab for your fan page.


How to use:

  • Create your custom Tab/App in Facebook
  • Create your fan page in Facebook
  • Add the content for Fans and NON-Fans to your page using Facebook Fan Page

When to use:

  • Create custom Facebook Tab/App and make it a default landing tab for your Fan Page 

Extensions Covered

Extensions Covered

Facebook Fan Page

Design and empower your Facebook Fan Pages with Dreamweaver!

Design and manage stunning Facebook Fan Pages that will make your brand more competitive! Have you ever wanted to design and show special offers to your Facebook fans only? Now you can easily do that from within Dreamweaver with our Facebook Fan Page extension! It enables you to choose which regions of your page will be visible for fans and which for non fans. You can even follow your great design in the built in Dreamweaver mode preview and see exactly what your page will look like in ...

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