Enhance Your Supersized Images

For a start of the new year we've packed 2 of our most popular extensions throughout 2011. In today's Supersized & Enhanced Images Bundle you will find 2 amazing Dreamweaver extensions that will help you create stunning background slideshows and add fantastic animation effects, gradients, image filters and transitions. All of this in a discounted pack and with awesome demo to give you an idea what you can do with both.

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The Story

Golf Club Demo

In this demo you can see an extremely easy but yet really effective way to present your place with amazing pictures that will stun your users. The image slider is created with DMXzone Supersized and can be also navigated from the images thumbs that we grayscaled with the HTML5 Image Enhancer.


HTML5 Image Enhancer
Design – Stunning Real-time Animation Effects, Gradients, Image Filters and Transitions!
DMXzone Supersized
Design – The most awesome fullscreen background slideshow

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