DMXzone Calendar 2 On Its Way!

For the past few months we've been working on a new, build from the ground up version of our classic DMXzone Calendar. It comes with new extended functionality, based on your feedback, and next week you'll be able to use it. The DMXzone Calendar 2 is supplied with 24 amazing skins, all international and custom date formats you need, great animation, validation, full support for static and dynamic conditional dates styling, and many many more. You can also add events for your website users!

The Story

General Options

You can fully customize your website date picker with different time formats, a date that is highlightened when the calendar appears, 24 different skins and select among 35 languages. Pick a day that your week will start with, show the calendar on focus, button or both, or add up to 16 months in a table like calendar.

Advanced Options

In the advanced option you can customize the selectable dates, the appearance and navigation of the calendar and also add alternative fields if you need more.

Formatting Options

In the version 2 of the DMXzone Calendar you can add events to your date picker that will be displayed in tooltips or bind it with a dynamic source.


*Stay tuned for the Features in detail coming on Monday!

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