DMXzone Calendar 2 Meets the Updated Ajax Event Calendar!

Following your requests from the past week, today we'll show you how to combine effectively the fully rewritten DMXzone Calendar 2 with the updated Ajax Event Calendar in order to share your events in a great way on your website. For a limited time until 23rd January you can get the Ajax Event Calendar with more than 50% off so hurry up!

The Story

 DMXzone Calendar 2 & Ajax Event Calendar Demo

In this demo you can see how easily you can bind the DMXzone Calendar 2 and Ajax Event Calendar through the Behavior Connector. Simply click on a date in the DMXzone Calendar 2, that is colored in red because of the CSS class that we've added and the event will be displayed in the Ajax Event Calendar, where you can even add images!

What's New in Ajax Event Calendar 1.0.5:

  • Included Portuguese translation
  • Fixed day view selection in Dreamweaver
  • Improved Compatibility with the new DMXzone Calendar 2
  • Improved Dreamweaver integration
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