Holiday Reservation System with DMXzone Calendar 2

Today, we will show you how to build a reservation system with the DMXzone Calendar 2. In the first part we designed a demo version of a website with the form and in the second you can watch a video tutorial how to do that in Dreamweaver. If you still don't have the DMXzone Calendar 2, make sure to do that soon because it's with a special price until 18th January!

The demo website will be available soon as a free template so stay tuned!

The Story


In this demo website you can see how we implemented our DMXzone Calendar 2 into a reservation system for a hotel/villa. We added non selectable for pick up date with a CSS class that colors them. Additionally, the calendar appears both on focus and icon click.


How to do it:

In this video tutorial we will show you how to add reserved dates into your hotel or villa reservation system using DMXzone Calendar 2.

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