Event Calendar, Date Pickup & Tooltips Bundle 2 Released

Today, we've decided to extend the functionality of both the DMXzone Calendar 2 and Ajax Event Calendar, adding the Advanced Tooltips to a discount package called Event Calendar, Date Pickup & Tooltips bundle 2. With this three amazing Dreamweaver extensions you can create and awesome date picker, connected to an event calendar, which displays additional info for an event in a tooltip. You can check out the demo below to see what we're talking about!

The Story

Company Events Calendar Demo

In this demo you can see how the Ajax Event Calendar uses Advanced Tooltips to deliver more info onClick for the upcoming events. Also it's binded to the DMXzone Calendar 2, which is used as a date picker on the site.

Ajax Event Calendar
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DMXzone Calendar 2
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Advanced Tooltips
Interactivity – Create rich media tooltips
DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack
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