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Event Calendar Super Bundle PHP 2 Released

“Another great pack of extensions with a significant discount”

Today, we have a new extensions package that might seems familiar but now it features our newly released DMXzone Calendar 2. The Event Calendar Super Bundle PHP 2 is the easiest way to create a fantastic online reservation system for your business as shown in our online demo below. If you are not a PHP user, stay tuned because we have an ASP version of the bundle coming tomorrow!

The bundle comes with amazing 50% off so if you still don't have these extensions, now it's the right time to get them.

The Story

Online Reservation System Demo

  • Ajax Event Calendar - All reservations are displayed in our super stylish Event Calendar. The default added reservations are displayed from an own database, used as a source in this showcase.
  • DMXzone Calendar 2 - The date picker enriches the reservation form and can be customized with different styles and effects.
  • Advanced Tooltips - The rich media tooltips display the additional information about a reservation on mouse over.
  • DMXzone Lightbox - The reservation form opens in a great looking lightbox window in a minimalistic style.
  • Universal Form Validator PHP - All the entered data in the reservation form is validated with the Universal Form Validator
Online Reservation System with Event Calendar Super Bundle PHP


Online Reservation System Showcase

This showcase is created with the Event Calendar Super Bundle PHP, which is also available in ASP, and will show you how to create a fantastic online reservation system for your business.


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DMXzone Calendar 2
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