Event Calendar Super Bundle PHP 2 Released

Today, we have a new extensions package that might seems familiar but now it features our newly released DMXzone Calendar 2. The Event Calendar Super Bundle PHP 2 is the easiest way to create a fantastic online reservation system for your business as shown in our online demo below. If you are not a PHP user, stay tuned because we have an ASP version of the bundle coming tomorrow!

The bundle comes with amazing 50% off so if you still don't have these extensions, now it's the right time to get them.

The Story

Online Reservation System Demo

  • Ajax Event Calendar - All reservations are displayed in our super stylish Event Calendar. The default added reservations are displayed from an own database, used as a source in this showcase.
  • DMXzone Calendar 2 - The date picker enriches the reservation form and can be customized with different styles and effects.
  • Advanced Tooltips - The rich media tooltips display the additional information about a reservation on mouse over.
  • DMXzone Lightbox - The reservation form opens in a great looking lightbox window in a minimalistic style.
  • Universal Form Validator PHP - All the entered data in the reservation form is validated with the Universal Form Validator
Online Reservation System with Event Calendar Super Bundle PHP
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