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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Be My Valentine

“Create a romantic gift box for the Valentine's Day”

Take the opportunity to learn how to create a romantic gift box in AI. In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial we will be learning how to create a heart shaped gift box by using a few basic tools such as the Ellipse Tool (L) and Pen Tool (P).


3D effect Extrude & Bevel will help us with the Perspective (which is a very important aspect of this tutorial). Beside that we will create a nice pattern that we will use as wrapping paper and fancy ribbon to complete our illustration.

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Daniela Vaseva

Daniela VasevaDaniela is writing tutorials, news, newsletters, and update emails for the DMXzone specialising in the sphere of electronic processing, analysis and publication of texts, and interested in the development of new Internet technologies and problems related to the cyberculture and net literature. She has a bachelor's degree in Bulgarian philology, and a master's degree in computational linguistics.

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