Wine Shop Sales Page for Facebook

Are you looking for a great way to improve your business sales? Here's an idea what you can do with some discounted coupons and Facebook. Using our recently released DMXzone Tabs and Facebook Fan Page extensions we created a Facebook Fan Page that offers discounts for a wine shop. For non fans, only the welcome tab is visible with a message on how to receive the discount coupon and the page fans can print their coupon directly from the discount coupon tab. Of course you can add as much info in and as many tabs as needed.

Both extensions are currently on sale for a limited time so hurry up!

The Story

Wine Shop Sale Page for Facebook Demo

Building easy Fan Gates is one of the most efficient ways to increase your online presence across the social networking platforms. If you want to make your space within Facebook more attractive and keep your users engaged, our Facebook Fan Page will allow you to use all the DMXzone Dreamweaver extensions to empower your Fan Gates!


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