Google Maps Updated with New Features

In today's updates we included the DMXzone Google Maps and its Add-on, the Google Maps Directions. Our developers included new features such as auto zoom, auto center, key markers and many other so you can check out the full list below. We also added a new showcase to give you some ideas what you can do with these extensions.

Both extensions are also available in a bundle pack called Google Maps & Directions Add-on, which comes with a discount!

The Story

Sunglasses Store Demo

In this demo we used the new auto zoom and auto center features, packed in the DMXzone Google Maps. If you want to learn how to use the new features you might want to check our our latest video tutorial.


What's New in DMXzone Google Maps 1.1.0:

  • New Auto Zoom: Now you can have the value 'fit' for zoom and the map will calculate optimal zoom level for markers
  • New Auto Center: Enter also 'fit' as value for the center point latitude/longitude and you will get optimal map center for all markers
  • Key Markers - now each marker can have its own key name! This makes it easy to apply actions to it later on by its name
  • Extended the Control DMXzone Google Maps behavior by many new actions! Now you can choose to GoTo/PanTo A Marker or Show Its Info Window by specifying its key name.
  • Additional Resize Actions in the Control DMXzone Maps behavior for redrawing the map after it is resized or shown. Very useful to force map redraw when it becomes visible for example when used with DMXzone Tabs or DMXzone Accordion extensions.
  • Improved extension installation for DW CS 5.5+

Available Add-ons:

Google Maps Directions Add-on 1.1.0

The extension allows you to add directions to locations, stores, offices or any address in the world. Display the routes with full directions lists and alternative routes visually on Google Maps.Additionally, when you have multiple markers on your map you can choose to show the shortest route automatically, after the user enters its address in the Ajax AutoComplete control.

Ajax AutoComplete 1.0.9

How many times have you struggled with entering long lists, while you had to lookup a product or country? AJAX AutoComplete will make your life easier. Your users can get a filtered dropdown with choices after entering a few characters, enabling quick search and selection without having to enter long text.

  • Using Auto Zoom, Center and Key Markers in DMXzone Google Maps
    – Learn how to use the latest additions to the features list
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Google Maps Directions Add-on
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