Reservation Form with Date & Time Pickup

Here's another awesome showcase where we will give you some ideas how to use the newly released DMXzone Timepicker, combined with DMXzone Calendar 2. In this reservation form we added two fields for time & date pickup which are greatly validated. If you missed the DMXzone Timepicker release last week, you can check out its product page and become aware of the possibilities that it offers. Also, you can use it as a standalone extension or as an Add-on for the calendar.

You have 2 more days to benefit from the special price and save some money so hurry up!

The Story

Japanese Restaurant Demo


DMXzone Calendar 2
Interactivity – Keep your site up to date with an amazing calendar
DMXzone Timepicker
Interactivity – Keep your site on the clock with an amazing timepicker
DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack
Productivity – Five Metro UI Themes for Six DMXzone Extensions

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