Event Calendar, Date & Time Pickup Bundle Released

For the past few days we showed you how easy it is to combine DMXzone Calendar 2, Ajax Event Calendar and DMXzone Timepicker. If you missed our special offers lately, today they come in a discounted package called Event Calendar, Date & Time Pickup Bundle! With these 3 awesome DMXzone extensions you can set date and time for your events and preview them in an amazing calendar.

The Story

A Car Reservation Form Demo

For this demo we gather 3 different Dreamweaver extensions. For the date and time pickup we used DMXzone Calendar 2 where we set dependent dates (pickup and return calendars) that can be chosen for the date and DMXzone Timepicker as a calendar Add-on for the time. All information is stored in an Ajax Event Calendar database.

DMXzone Timepicker
Interactivity – Keep your site on the clock
DMXzone Calendar 3
Interactivity – Powerful calendar picker for your site
DMXzone Lightbox 2
Interactivity – Great looking photos and videos in a modal stylish popup
Ajax Event Calendar
Interactivity – Dynamic Agenda for all your Web Apps
DMXzone Calendar 2
Interactivity – Keep your site up to date with an amazing calendar
DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack
Productivity – Five Metro UI Themes for Six DMXzone Extensions

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