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In this week's updated version of the HTML5 MP3 Player we added the latest SoundManager2 for greatest HTML5 audio support, toggle playlist option to show/hide the playlist and more other improvements that you can check out in the list of what's new below. We also designed a new demo to show you how greatly you can present your music in a stylish playlist.

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The Story

Album Preview Demo

For this demo we only used HTML5 MP3 Player in order to create a music catalog. 


What's New in HTML5 MP3 Player 1.0.8

  • Latest SoundManager2 version for greatest HTML5 audio support! Now with great Android support and lots of HTML5 improvements.
  • New option in the Control HTML5 MP3 Player behavior - Toggle Playlist - allows you to show or hide the playlist.
  • Improved integration with dynamic data
  • Improved DW integration
  • Latest jQuery 1.7.2 included
  • Improved installer for for DW CS 5.5+ and Mac DW CS6
HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-On
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HTML5 MP3 Player
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